Transform Checkout Experience

Reduce Checkout Losses,  Improve Customer Experience

ScanWatch is a retail software suite to reduce losses and improve shopper experience at manned and self-checkout counters.

ScanWatch integrates with any checkout hardware currently in-use at the store. Utilizing inbuilt checkout register cameras, ScanWatch instantly recognizes scanned items. With a single point of integration, the platform prevents item mislabeling (checkout fraud) and automates the selection of scanned products (improved customer experience).

Many years of experience in the retail industry with Scanwatch highlighted another problem – warehouse theft. Our machine vision experts have developed a modern real-time warehouse security system that prevents any theft or danger in the warehouse.

Prevent Checkout Fraud

• ScanWatch visually inspects every item scanned at manned and self-checkout counters

• Monitors whether product scanned corresponds to the product image

• Automatically notifies security officer when scanning discrepancy is detected

• Prevent losses occurring from unintentional item misscaning: 

Cucumbers or avocados, single bottle or a six pack - ScanWatch backchecks scanned product with the product image.

• Identify and prevent checkout fraud:

Reduce checkout losses occurring from intentional switching of product barcodes.

Improve Customer Experience

• ScanWatch automatically identifies products at manned and self-checkout counters

• Eliminates the need to manually select a scanned item from the list

• Notifies store employees about product scanning discrepancies

• Scales from 10 to 10K+ products if required

• Improve customer experience:

The shoppers do not need to manually browse for unwrapped products in the POS picklist. The item placed on the counter is recognized automatically.

• Reduce check-out time:

65% of shopping carts include at least one unwrapped product. Selecting it automatically dramatically reduces customer turnaround time.

Reduce manual supervision:

More of the check-out transactions are completed without any employee assistance.

Prevent check-out losses:

Save more than 2% in sales revenue. The platform greatly reduces the possibility of accidental item mis-scanning or check-out fraud.